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Digital Marketing

Masima Marketing Solutions can help.promote your brand  in the right internet channels creating a mixed online promotional campaign that uses the following channels:

Mobile Marketing
Social Media
Search Marketing
Display Advertising
Email Marketing


Masima Marketing Solutions can help  develop an effective digital campaign that can impact sales.


Mobile Marketing

mobile marketingWith the rapid technological expansion, geographical reach and user growth of the Indonesian Telco Industry, Masima Marketing Solutions and its partners believe that marketing through mobile devices will be the next dominating marketing force in the following years.

The ever evolving capabilities of mobile phones create endless marketing possibilities involving consumers through gamified interactive engagement.

Masima Marketing Solutions can help your brand blaze through the upcoming digital marketing frontier with our mobile marketing expertise in Digital Audio Media Streaming, Digital Video Streaming, App Development and On Mobile Marketing.  


Social Media
Social marketing

The immense use of Social Media has sparked a new marketing outlet that can grab the attention of millions of consumers and communities around the world.

With the right strategy marketing through Social Media can reach exponential results with an economically efficient budget, but due to its interactive and public nature a mismanaged Social Media Campaign can create disastrous irreversible after effects.

With Masima’s long proud history of developing, maintaining and treating various nationwide communities through its vast yet diverse radio networks we believe that Masima’s successes in the real world can translate well in the digital world.


Search Marketing
Search marketing


The usage of search engines in the World Wide Web to gain information has become common place in todays society.


Sequence of results in search pages can at times affect an individual’s preference and perspective.


With search marketing Masima Marketing Solutions can help advise, place and claim your spot in search engines around the globe.



Display Advertising

Web banner advertisement today has become commonplace in a mixed marketing campaign but many times an ineffective, wrongly placed and uninteresting ad banner can be overlooked due to cluttered visuals in a website.

With a web banner’s ability to combine interactive, visual and also audio aspects all rolled into one advertisement, web banners can be an effective advertising tool.

With Masima Marketing Solution’s display advertising can help you plan, develop, place and buy web banners to create a successful internet marketing campaign.


Email Marketing

Email Blasts if utilized well can become a powerful influencing tool in a brand’s marketing arsenal but left unmanaged (emails sent to often, unattractive visuals, uninformative contents, impersonal, etc.) email blasts can be a nuisance and create undesirable effects.

With database management and custom email tracking capabilities Masima Marketing Solution can create personified Email Blast campaigns based on past email history, gaining deeper insight of an individual consumer’s interest from every email opened.