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Integrated Marketing Service



Media Planning and Placement

Just putting together an effective schedule isn't enough, campaign
management at Space and Time means going above and beyond to deliver the
most effective ROI for our clients. We like to think of ourselves as an
extension to our client's marketing team, our role is to dovetail into the
way they like to work, providing insight into our industry and theirs while
delivering first-class advertising campaigns that reach the right people the
right number of times, at the right point in their day, for the right cost



Customer Relationship Management

Create loyalty between  brand and  loyal costumers towards build-
ing a dynamic relationship  that benefits both  parties through pro-
grams and treatments.
With Masima Marketing Solutions  we will help  guide your brands 
loyal costumers through the Acura stages maintaining all privileges,
to make sure all  achievements are rewarded accordingly.



Creative Content

We help clients create engaging content to share amongst their community of
clients, colleagues, prospects and peers.

So whether it's strategy, production, training or consultancy, we'll help
you figure out how to bring your message to life in a world.


Digital Marketing

Masima Marketing Solutions can help promote your brand  in the right internet channels creating a mixed online promotional campaign that uses the following channels:

·   Mobile Marketing

·   Social Media

·   Search Marketing

·   Display Advertising

·   Email Marketing

Masima Marketing Solutions can help  develop an effective digital campaign
that can impact sales.